February is heart month

Each day during February I am posting a fun fact or meditative thought and scripture verse about the heart on the Prayer Zone Workout Facebook page. I invite you to head over and “like” the page to receive daily updates.

  • I was going to begin our heart month with a fun fact. Instead, family and friends came to mind who are hurting, and whose lives have been turned upside down because their loved ones experienced heart health issues. They are now living in remembrance and survival. So, heart month is an opportunity to lift up these individuals in prayer. You may want to do the same… for friends or loved ones with physical heart problems, or whose spiritual hearts are turned away from God. Take a few moments to pray for them and then tell them you love ’em.
  • You know the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” Well, evidently it’s true. It’s like a mini workout: we stretch muscles, burn calories, and according to researchers at the University of Maryland, laughing increases blood flow in our blood vessels and can help protect the heart. So, here’s a joke (courtesy of Reddit) to make you laugh, especially if you are in New England or another cold, snow-covered area:
  • Two snowmen are standing in a field.
    One says to another: “Funny I can smell carrots too…”snowmen
    More on Prayer Zone Workout
  • Friday February 7th was National Wear Red Day to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women. Visit the Go Red for Women web site. It has some great heart-healthy exercises to do in the kitchen: rolling-pin squats, soup fly, and more. I’ve added the island press to my routine.
  • Everything in our life bubbles from the heart. So, look after it, care for it, for it is the wellspring-bountiful source-of life. (Proverbs 4:23)????????(Photos: Freefoto.com)

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