Rebels have been on my mind.

A high metal fence was being constructed around the running track a few weeks ago. I was exercising and praying as usual when the workmen caught my attention. The signs were ominous and my heart sunk. I knew this meant the track was going to be out-of-bounds for my Prayer Zone Workout.

track workI emailed the town’s recreation department to find out what was going on. Sure enough, my fears were confirmed. I discovered the track would be closed for one whole month. They were replacing the grass in the center of the track with turf.

Last Sunday, I noticed the fence had been yanked open. Runners and walkers were using the track, despite the signs. The locals were being rebellious!

track keep outThe previous evening night I had been at an event where Philip Yancey, the author, was speaking. One comment he made resonated with me: God has a soft spot for rebels, he said.

There are two types of rebels in the Bible:

The first are those that rebel against God. This rebel is a long way from God. But, God longs for the rebel to return to him. And he is overjoyed when he or she does return. Just like in the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32).

The second are those who rebel for God. Their reverence and love for God and others causes them to break the rules. The Hebrew midwives disobeyed Pharaoh when he ordered them to kill the new-born boys (Exodus 1:15-17). For this God was kind to the midwives and gave them families of their own (Exodus 1:20-21).

The prostitute Rahab hid two Israelite spies, deceiving the King of Jericho. Because of what she did, her life was spared when the rest of the city was destroyed (Joshua 6:17).

Even Jesus rebelled against religious rituals. He healed a man on the Sabbath (Luke 6:6-11) and overturning the money-changers tables in the temple (Mathew 21:12-13) because he honored God above all else. God has raised him to a position above all other names.

What kind of rebel are you?

One thought on “Rebels

  1. Loved this! I am definitely a rebel for the Lord. May we all be strengthened in our faith and bold in sharing it with others. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!


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