A thirst that needs quenching

God shows up and reveal himself to those who are searching.

In God Only Knows! we met a woman who was longing for something better in life and also on a spiritual search for truth and fulfillment. It was Jesus who showed up to tell her that he could satisfy her spiritual search and that he could meet the perpetual longing that she had in her life.

In her encounter with Jesus, she became aware that there was something special about him because he was so familiar with her day-to-day life. In her judgment of him, and within the context of her religious background, this was after all what she knew, she perceived him as an inspired person. But, Jesus told her that he was no ordinary inspired person, instead he was greater than even the next prophet she expected.

At first, she was not entirely certain about Jesus. But, he had already touched and had an impact on her. So, with others from her community, she returned to meet with Jesus again and learn more about him.

Jesus patiently taught the woman so that she could clearly understand who he was and that he was the one who could fill the deep longing in the heart. He was the quencher of her thirst. Read the woman’s full story here.

So it is with us. God knows the deep longings of our hearts, and our spiritual search for meaning in life – that there must be more to life than this!

Jesus shows up in our life – we hear about him, or we read about him. There seems to be something special about him – something that touches us. Perhaps we’re not quite sure but we decide to look further at this Jesus figure, and meet with him again – to go back and find out more about him.

This is when we are rewarded. Jesus says: “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10 Jesus reveals himself and his purpose to those who are searching.

The Bible says that when we seek God with all our heart, we will find him. Deuteronomy 4:29, Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 7:7-8 God shows up in the form of Jesus Christ. John 14:6

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